Your Nirbhaya Fund Ideas

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Vamsi Gupta
Pink autos and taxis should be available in all cities. All drivers must be registered in the state database with identity card and checked against known list of sex offenders before employment.
Mandatory gender sensitivity training to all students when they start college.
AM. Khan
Modi to rope in Aamir Khan and Ranbir Kappor,Kalki Koechin to promote ZERO sexual harassment
Mani Iyer
Gender sensitivity training must be made mandatory for all public transport drivers, conductors
Sridevi Kolli
Buses and taxis must have mandatory Emergency Button that is noisy enough to sound a loud alarm
Lallu Mishra
Proper street lighting and police patrol mandatory on all streets after 7 PM
Venu Gulla
24*7 helplines that actually function. Need to be outsourced to a reputable and nation wide NGO network as state run women's helplines don;t work at all
Dhanunjayarao Marisarla
Form a separate force (fully trained like army cops) only for women safety and security in each state. It is better to start with a few cities on a trail basis.
Mithun Divakaran
Use the funds to pay for lawyers for victims of sexual assault who otherwise cannot afford to employ a legal attorney by themselves.
Women Communities have to be formed and those Communities must be Guided and Monitored Without Fail From Village to Cities. These Community Should be like 1.School Girls. 2.College Girls. 3.House Wife's. 4.Working Women. 5. Professionals. All these Groups should be mutually Interacted , share their fears, Ideas and they should explorer them Selves.Find Solutions and Implement in a Group. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Jai Hind.
Chinta Guru Mallikharjuna
Sir, I dont want to say something about Nirbaya, But i strongly believe that fast track courts are supposed to be establish as soon as possible.
karri nr
The Fund acrued should be multifolded into permenet corpus fund and for this centre should make allocation in budget n separate department should be evolved and kith n kins of nirbhayas should be safe guarded by funding and fast track judiciary should be kept ready for stern dealing of the Nairbhaya cases.
Establish some women safety quarters in many places so that women can stay in those if they are late in night. Also some govt provided cabs or autos or whatever it may be especially for women so that they can travel in those secured vehicles to home. A software system should be developed so that any woman taking a vehicle for fare can send the vehicle number to the respective traffic police department so that they can track it if there is a problem
Rajiv Chodisetti
Use this fund to create a sophisticated CCTV camera Network like installing cameras at major colleges , major bus stops , junctions etc . Build a system which maintains the Database of all autowallas,cab drivers etc etc and there vehicle identification numbers and who ever girl traveling via public transport should be able to message the cab number or auto number that she's has boarded and this information has to be logged to in case if anything happen the person can be tracked and it will also created some sort of fear for the doers
Siva Prasad Madineni
As all the courts are not interested in taking the cases related to voilence against Women and these courts are only interested to take cases where money comes to Judge and layers for example bail cases of politicians. Judristriction acountability is not there in India, I want to create a special courts only for Woman voilence with accountability. These courts should have accountability and there should be a deadline decided for each type of cases. If any case deadline is passed then Judge and layers should be fined. I strongly believe that justice delayed is justice denied.