Your Nirbhaya Fund Ideas

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Satheesh Thalapalli
Pl create acts to instill fear in men and confidence in women + rape survivors.
sateesh chandra
Nation wide campaign from rural india to metro to remind and teach everyone that ,where there is respect for women there will be wealth and happiness. Complete swot analysis on cases and finding the root cause to prevent further.
Raja Shekar
with an amount of 2000 crores,with each pepper spray costing 200 Rs,a total number of 10 crore pepper sprays can be distributed in the country.
Srikanth Garlapati
Emergency calling in cellphones needs to be utilized. Sir, Every state is developing a new mobile app for the safety of women. I think one uniform application must be developed for the entire country. Cellphones (even ordinary non smart phones) can send the location information of the caller. SMS also can give location information. All cellphones will show emergency dialling number even when there is no sim card. That emergency number must be serviced by Government. Nearest police station can be informed by the Government operator. For using this service citizens can register with Government using their aadhaar number using ekyc process so that mobile number can be associated with personal details of victim when help is needed. ABN Andhra Jyothy channel has developed one such system. Please see Even though android,iphone and windows apps were provided, no smart phone is required in their solution. Mobile app based taxi and auto services like uber, ola cabs etc must be encouraged but the Government must monitor their system and take audit of their driver verification processes as well as current trip data. A person who has done crime in Vijayawada might act as a gentleman in Visakhapatnam. A centralized database of criminal records must be maintained by Government. Banks use CIBIL records for giving loans. Similar database can be maintained regarding criminal records by Central Government. We can see that facebook is using face recognition software. If we give name to a person's photo once it will automatically tag all the photos of that person. Such technology must be utilized by Government to help in verifying criminal records while giving crime verification certificates to drivers. Certified drivers can easily find jobs in private companies as well as taxi companies.
Suresh Mallula
1) Create mobile apps on all Andriod/iOS/Windows with one simple option(button) in emergency to press sends the alert to nearest police station/parents/frineds with Google coordinates. 2) All the stations must have monitoring systems and connected to district heard quarters. Implement a cloud based enterprise solution on policing system centrally at state level. 3) Since every one using mobile phones, live streaming/ pics can also transmitted to nearest stations. I don't know the current situation in India in terms of technology, but systems are getting updated with 3G, 4G, we must use the cell phone infra to capture the exact location of the incident. Its very vague and raw idea, but may help our systems to get improved. Since we have excellent technical manpower, with no time we can implement the apps. Any further discussions, you can reach me @ +60123352745
K Naveen Kumar
Spend this money on mass awareness, counselling and training campaigns in a systematic manner. All the Stake holders in the Society have to be roped into these programs sharing the costs among the Govt & the associated party on a 50:50 basis. Fast track Courts should be set up and the progress of the trial on each of these cases should be published on the local News papers.
Srinivas S
1) Train and employ women as drivers in fleets used for pickup and drop off of women employees. This will provide employment for women and safety for even more women. 2) Set up rape crisis centers in all major towns (the government just closed down hundreds and replaced them with one in every state which is useless for any victims not living in that location. 3) Sensitization classes for public especially police, lawyers and judges. Let us start with schools and colleges. 4) Enable fast track courts and provide free legal assistance for victims and their families.
Rao Poornachandra
The fund should be utilised to improve self confidence levels of women and train them to face the crytical the same time awareness should be created among men to respect and take care of their mother, the grass root level
Sunil Prabhu N E
Create Small Scale Business module and a consumer market fully only with women as employment, approximately 10 Lakh women can be employed, use the profits of the business for women development like building toilets, this employment should be only for rural area this was women in villages have chance to open up.
That money can be used to reward vigilant citizens who prevent eve-teasing and/or provide solid proof of eve-teasers and eve-teasing activities leading to conviction.
A Women Task Force, Special Court, Self awareness, training on defensive measures are the immediate actions on which this money cab be spent. Women Task Force in sense a special wing only to protect women and take up the cases in which women took social injustice.
Can be spent on self defence training or Install CCTV cameras n every corner of the country with 24*7 monitoring
Install Street lights and cameras in places where women roam around and do not seem to be so secured areas.
Gender violence, as has been proved over and again, requires a multi-pronged approach to fight it simply because its a problem that has many facets. Small portion of the fund should be spent in talking with Media (news / radio / print / electronic), to avoid the portrayal of women as the weaker gender. And to ask them to start having women participants and achors in their programs that are usually represented by men. And likewise, that men should start taking part in programs that are usually represented by women. It is very important to create the impression that 'girlie' does not mean weak and that 'boyish' does not mean rough. Trust in one another is solely lacking in India and it is crucial that media starts to portray trust between men and women on its respective mediums. Large portion of the fund must be spent in creating an independent national-level law firm that takes up the case of women against whom crimes have been committed. It is high time that the rule of law should be the defacto course of action in India and having a law firm that can help fight the cases of women is a boost to that.
Make a special committee other than police system,the persons who is doing wrong things against women can be punished by giving full powers ,the money can be used to that system I.e for example 'she team' in telangana government .