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Sarvani Piratla
Free gas cylinder for one month in a year for every woman in a household in India who knows and tell 5 other Indian women, the top 5 facilities that are in place for woman safety and security
The fund to be used to set up Fast Track Courts to resolve the pending cases in timely manner
Trivikram Gajulapalli
A special class, say once in a week, about power and importance of women, gender equality in all schools/colleges.
A Women police station for every mandal.
women safe cabs, autos and minibuses also from railway stations, bus stations and airports to reach her destination safely with escorts at night and women guides to direct them. Prevention of cry and immediate access to help in the form of women constables is needed.
separate court in each district for providing justice
Kotaiah Swamy Kondru
1)CCTV cameras in all work locations and at traffic signals and crowded places 2)fast track courts to punish the culprits 3)women police station for each constituency. 4)education and healthcare for poor girl child's.
Vallabhaneni Shiva
CCTV cameras should be each and every street in all over India and there should be supervision officer to watch these in every area.If The officer comes to know the woman is attacked then there should be special team to save the women for an area. One act should be made that if an women is attacked, that act refers to punishment should be Horrible and it should implement less than a week
All the money should go to campaign for awareness of rights of women and for awareness of need of introduction of police reforms. Both these will make lives of women safer and empowered.
Amount can be spent to handle few like below: Steps to avoid rapes: - special awareness camps for parents to monitor their children (specifically boys/men) behaviour and check if they are getting prone to forced sex interest and how to handle him before he commits any such crime. - huge punishment for the people whoever publishes or popularises or supports the insane persons thinking or mentality leading to rapes. - secured transport services for all (women and men) irrespective of timings or places whenever required. - special task force teams who can respond instantly to any complaint of any such cases instantly using technology ( GPS, mobile number tracking etc), so that even before somebody does the crime, police should reach the place and avoid it happening. - a special team who always specifically works on improvising all actions mentioned above or any further to keep improving the safety. Steps to handle post rape: - steps should be taken in such a way that, any rape case the culprit should be punished within 3 months. - Anyone who is involved in delaying the case resolving should be made accountable and should be punished as well. - people who ever involved in solving the rape case very fast should be rewarded with very attractive amount. i.e., whoever helps in finding culprit with proofs ( be it police officer who cracks the case or any citizen who helps in finding clues etc); even all judiciary members involved in fast conclusion of case should be rewarded. - Strong law should be bought in to regulate lakhs of forced sex videos floating around in internet in India. There should be a special Cyber Crime cells which should be working 24/7 specifically on this. - Special teams should be formed who helps/guides the victims in this whole process from reporting till getting the culprits punished. - Awareness should be built up how to utilise the services of this special teams by everybody.
Vijay Hegde
1. Study the history of past rapes in urban and rural areas and evolve a pattern. Educate all the girls about the findings so that precautions can be taken. 2. Make pepper sprays, Stun guns affordable and cheap. Each girl who is at risk can equip herself with these. 3. Most rapes happen within a known community. A great amount of stress needs to be laid on this factor. A breach of trust is difficult to predict or prevent. Precaution has be taken to avoid such cases. Again, girls have to be made aware of the way rapists lay the trap or approach the women. Trust is her own enemy.
Mahesh Kumar S T
5000 Local Courts throughout the country With Summary Trial, for time bound Punishment against offences against women.
G.N.Mallikarjuna Rao
0. Create a special ministry to plan and use the funds for preventive and corrective actions. 1. Launch awareness programs on Nirbhaya law 2. Awareness programs on What to do before, during and after suspicious or potential attempt 3. Arrange immediate relief fund for survivor 4. Security Cameras across city
Santosh Pitla
I see very good ideas from contributors on this page. Here are few of my thoughts. Some of my ideas involve technology, and others are heavy on human capital. But I feel if there is a funding of 2000 crores, these ideas can be implemented to some extent. Especially, given the technology leaps we are going through, we should use technology to solve the most important problem of our current times 1) Women Protection Task Force (WPTF): Create a separate task force (government entity) for monitoring routes that working women take during early and late hours of a day. This task force should be corrupt free and motivated enough to put their duty before anything. 2) Local Volunteer Groups (LVGs): Create registered local volunteer groups who take on the duty of monitoring g their neighborhoods where they live (< 1km radius) and inform the police for any suspicious and criminal activity. If we have enough of these LVGs we can easily cover an entire city with effortless contribution from each LVG. 3) Phone Apps: Every time a girl is going home from office or vice versa during deserted hours, she can log on to the app and launch it. A server will keep track of her location since the time of launch. At any given instance during her route back home, if she stops for more than a user definable set time (Example: 15 mins) her phone should give permission to the cell phone companies or App developers to be tracked. The information should be passed on to the local patrolling police team and a team should be sent out to that location for additional investigation 4) Wearable Technology: Wearable wristbands that can sense the heartrate, pulse and other physiological attributes corresponding to physical distress should be used by working women. During the times of distress this wristband should automatically establish communication with police authorities or the technology developer 5) Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs): Small Unmanned air vehicles that are currently used for various recreational activities could be used for surveillance of the streets. If the current police task force is trained in operating these small air vehicles. They can cover more area in a very short time aerially when compared to the time it takes to patrol through streets.
sumanth chinthala
Women's safety can be improved if the boys of the Age group 12-20(may be a bit flexible) are handled carefully. That is the age where the negative ideas breed in a boy's mind and if that stage is handled, we can ensure that most of the guys do not turn to rapists. Unfortunately, we dont have a road map to deal with those boys who start eveteasing and eventually grow up to the stage where they start commiting crime against women. Nirbhaya fund can be used to set up student /boys observation committees (SOC's) across the country with the help of police department. where the eveteasers are identified and counseling sessions are to be conducted. The load on the police department will also reduce Since the number of women, who are to be protected are large when compared to the number of boys who may become criminals, i feel that dealing with these few kids can give us good benifits in the longrun.