Your Nirbhaya Fund Ideas

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Satish Vamra
Please create a SPL independent task force for women which team only report to the Courts no others should involve. this team should have (state Team) .State team members like DGP,Human right member,Judge. Use this money to improve security for women by using technology like developing the app in mobile (if any one called from this app to respective number(Gov security) all the mobile details with tracking even the mobile is switched off).And we can use this money to give quality security services(toll free).fit the cameras and make sure that those are working and monitoring regularly.Pass an order to all collages and schools to installed cameras to their fencing cover inside and outside of that collages & Schools.
The rape victims suffer the most. May be they get justice from courts but they remain disturbed mentally and may not come out from traumam so i personally feel that some part of funds need to be allocated for eshtablishing special rehabilitation centers for them. Some more funds need to be used for forming more teams like 'she' teams in all areas across the country for continuously patroling and controlling eve teasing.
triptishree saha
To educate women abt law and regulations that we are given and women friendly atmosphre every where.women should be independently paid
1. Provide some kind of working opportunities for street children and bring them to mainstream society - Core problem will be rooted out here 2. Sensitivity seminars for people in Police Force and Courts - Handling of cases gets better 3. Recruit more women police officers - lessen threat at police stations 4. Monitor Police force dealing with rape cases to make sure that they are handled in a proper way. Check with the survivor regularly to be in touch with her case - perhaps a women group or an NGO can do this job 5. Every rape/sexual harrassment case to be considered "Highly Important" and make sure that judgement is delivered with in one to two months. - hence dedicated police and judicial force
Shankar Uppari
Awareness must be Created at all Places. So one should have fear about the Law.
Maithreyi Nadapana
Spend on creating awareness on gender equality through ads on tv so it could reach the remotest parts on a continuous basis.
Yogaiyah VC
Set up more ALL WOMEN POLICE STATIONS, Petrolling by women police, Make sure immediate FIR or suspend SI.Maintain CCTVs, State should provide legal aid for her case. The punishment for rapist if proved guilty must include making him MEDICALLY IMPOTEN & Cease part of his assets to transfer to the VICTIM. The GIRL should be treated as VICTIM & duely compensated for her life. Must be employed in POLICE DEPOT to do justice to others.Must train girls self defence free of charge from this fund.Initiate to stop EVE TEASING which leads to RAPE in violent form.Control media, cinema to show violence on women. BAN RAPE SCENES in CINEMA.
Transport system with GPS surveillance. CCtv surveillance and patrolling by police. Create more police jobs with the fund.
1. Use the fund for complete hospital charges of a rape victim and for her rehabilitation process. In many cases the rape victims are confined to their homes as so many are getting depressed and also the society is not treating them well. 2. Use this fund for separate ladies task force comprising autos, cabs which are driven and only for ladies.
Arava Satyanarayana
1. setup Ladies Police Stations 2. setup Counselling system for victims. 3. free mandatory teaching of self defence in allllllll schools. 4. separate monitoring system to have an eye on these incidents. 5. discourage lovers in the parks, movies, shopping malls, second show movies, late night parties, pubs, night clubs.
s.srinivasa rao
నాకు దీనికి సంబందించి వక మంచి ఆలోచన ఉంది ,వక చిన్న వ్యాపార ప్రకటన మాదిరిగా అంటే పులిరాజాకి ఎయిడ్స్ వస్తుందా ప్రకటన మాదిరిగా,స్త్రీల యొక్క ఔన్నత్యాన్ని చాటి చెప్పేవిదంగా ప్రకటనలు ఇవ్వాలి...
muralee krishna sure
Funds should be used to punish rapists....they are not a danger to society any more Chemical castration which reduces capacity to repeat that act......
70% of Rape cases are false. Unused funds should be distributed among all those who lost their dignity, life , carrier due to false rape cases and acquitted in false rape cases.
mohan reddy
First the government should set up a hot line like 911 in USA.Any girl or women facing domestic violence can call this number and the call center representative should inform this complaint to the near by police authority. Second,Just like how we included traffic lessons from 6th to 10th class.Children should be taught about respecting women and also gender equality and of course a compulsory 8 marks question from that topic. Instead of asking for killing of rapists they should make them impotent in medical ways. Rape victims should have rehabilitation and counsel units ,so that they can get back to their normal life.