Your Nirbhaya Fund Ideas

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setup seperate transport services for women,with women conductors in buses,and ladies police stations.
instance justice to that person.i dnt think so these so called funds helped lot to the women. punishing the fellows with severe action that too within days,that make others little bit fear.making toll free numbers,cc cameras,helplines are not at all useful.we all vexed with that.punishing immediately is the only solution. they are not thieves and terrorists not hanging them for getting any info from them. #law should be altered according to the situation,otherwise in future nagaland issues will occur everywhere in our grt grt country.
Vinod Reddy
1.ప్రతి టౌన్ లో నిర్భయ సెంటర్ ఏర్పాటు చేయాలి , ఆడపిల్లలు పోలీస్ స్టేషన్ కి వచ్చి చెప్పుకోలేరు కాబట్టి ఈ సెంటర్ లలో చెప్పుకోడానికి ఉంటుంది 2.నిర్భయ రిలీఫ్ ఫండ్ ఒకటి ఏర్పాటు చేసి బాధితులకు సహాయపడాలి ఒకవెలా విద్యార్థులు అయితే వారికి చదువు చెప్పించాలి ఎలాంటి ఆధారం లేని మహిళలకు ఎదో ఒక ఉపాది కల్పించాలి 3.నిర్భయ ని ఒక చట్టం గా కాకుండ ఒక మంత్రిత్వ శాఖగా ఎర్పాటు చేయాలి 4.మహిళల రక్షన పై తీసుకోవాల్సిన చర్యలపై అవగాహనా కార్యక్రమాలు చేపట్టాలి 5.ప్రతి స్కూల్ లో కరాటే,మార్షల్ ఆర్ట్స్ పీరియడ్స్ తప్పనిసరి నిర్వహించాలి ఇది ప్రిన్సిపల్ భాద్యత ఇది నిర్భయ సెంటర్ ఆద్వర్యం లో గైడ్ చేయబడాలి
Set up dedicated courts with stict timelines for disposing cases of eve teasing (3 days), unsolicited physical proximity ( 3days), mental harassment (15 days), rape (6 months). Any timeline non compliance should be directly to chief justice of supreme court.
1)Start nirbhya bank 2)Open Accounts to victims 3)Help for their education,necessities and make them more secured 4)increase women police 5)Educate people to respect women 6)punish the responsible persons quickly 7)Setup fast-track courts to quickly finish trial.
Prasad Sakamuri
My Idea is not novel and also not related to use of funds. Safe rides are common in western world particularly in universities, where volunteers will help people to reach the destination safely. Why cant we form a extensive volunteer groups which can safely ride or a give company to the needy women. Whenever subject feels insecure in her journey or some neighbor feels she is in trouble, they can inform the volunteer group via any communication. Then the group can inform a volunteer who is living near to that area and ask him give safe ride to the needy. All he volunteers should have personal IDs and the victim will be password protected. I personally feel this will be very effective in reducing women crime if implemented strongly. Some amount of funds can be utilized to establish these volunteer groups across the country.
aravind chowdary
providing cameras near colleges,schools,bustops etc,running transport at late hours by gov
Police may not provide protection all the time for, we need to develop self defence skills for ladies which would help them to protect themselves some extent.
50% should be used to fast track the cases and provide fast justice and induce fear in perpetrators. 25% must be used to do extensive study to get to the root of the problem 20% must be spent on curbing the root cause of such acts(be it educating people on respecting women or increasing awareness from school education) 5% on raising awareness and developing funds
balaji paidy
Employ special patrol police force for woman safety and deploy more CCTVs in critical places in city/town.
Andra Manoj Kumar
My idea 1)Assalu rapes jaragadaniki karanam mana desham lo unna aalochana vidhanam. pillalu puttagane vallani vadhileyyatam kadhu. Saraina darilo nadipinchali. Nijaniki School annadhi chinnapillalaku gnanani sampadhinchi yela society tho undali ani nerpisthundhi. kani peddhalaku kuda ilanti schools pettali. idhi kastha navvoche vishayam la unna idhe correct anta. yendhukante mundhu parents ki thama pillalani yela penchali ani prathi village and cities lo courses ivvali. Yela penchalo thelika, pillalani gaaliki vadhilesthunnaru. Parents thama pillalaku Bhayam, Bhakthi, Prema, Vishwasalani parichayam cheyyagaligithe anthe chalu. Automatic ga ivanni thagguthayi. 2) Kottha technology ki aa dabbulu vadatam manchidhi. JP garu annattu technology ni manam sarigga vadukunte crime rate thagguthundhi annaru. So atleast CC Cameras ni prathi chota install chesthe kaneesam kontha aina bayam untundhi. ledha atleast donga ni pattukovadanikaina help auvthundhi. Nirbhaya case lo camera aadharanga ne bus ni pattukunnattu atleast vere vallaku aina ilage help auvthundhi.
sunita hombal
Hi... My suggestion is , we should utilize this money to educate slam side people specially girls. we can also utilize this money for providing training to gals in self Defence. self defence is very important criteria. Not only gals should educate the boys also for not to commite such mistakes. gals should be treated with respect.
Manohari Velamati
Life Skill Education to school and college students- should be made part of their curriculum. Adolescent Education Program initiated by UNICEF India in collaboration with the GoI almost a decade ago should be effectively implemented. Sexual violence prevention, rape awareness and knowledge programs, self defense strategies should become part of Life Skill Education to students and should be made compulsory in their curriculum.
It must be used to educate the slam area people, and to educate the men how importance a women is and taking series action on women safety.
Kruthika Patel
Provide a safe shelter for those girls who are homeless, build toilets across the streets for women ( making sure they are hygenic ), arrange brainstorming & self development classes for women who have been molested. Teach young boys how wrong it is to rape,molest,rob,etc. Develop the slum & schools with morals along with studies.