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naveen prasad
Please develop an app in the mobile which when activated scans the area and identify hidden cams just like when blue tooth is on will identify the devices so that many sisters mothers modesty be saved
More Focus in primary education about equality of women. I believe the society should shed it's traditional view of women. Empowerment of women sexually, financially and professionally. Some of the fund can be used to fast track and impose appropriate punishments for outstanding cases.
Manohari Velamati
Censor Board to be made more effective in censoring the sex provocative scenes and songs or those devalue women in the Indian films. Advocacy meetings to be organised with directors, producers, lyricists, actors etc to give friendly suggestions and strict guidelines on making the films gender sensitive. Porn sites and porn videos easily accessible on the internet are to be banned in India. Fast Track Courts to be immediately started to punish the culprits.
Rajesh Gudigi
Build separate girls toilets across the country in schools and public to ensure safety and hygiene of girl children.Employ special patrol police force for woman safety and deploy more CCTVs in critical places in city/town.self defense strategies should become part of Life Skill Education to all women's students and should be made compulsory.educate all slam girls.
A separate court should be made.and Self defense institutions should be made in every small and big town in India and should be made compulsory to some level. And more important,the victims who are suffering from the sin by the demons should be financed and helped.
Deepak Vijayvergiy
Apart from all the fast track courts, sure punishment, Self defense should be made compulsory in schools and colleges, and then in another 5-10 years, girls will start defending themselves and rapists will start fearing from them.
Laxmi Lalitha Sree
Try to provide Self protection Classes for all ages of women in schools ,colleges and in offices with minimum 1 hour daily till they become proficient and provide an urgent calling number for immediate help which should run 24/7 and give help within 10 minutes through satellite.
Pramod Bhamidipati
1. A Nirbhaya committee should be formed with the most respected and trusted officials in the country to ensure the proper allocation and application of funds at the central level. It would be better if the all the states in the country also have the committee consisting the officials of the state with the same objective to function at the state level. 2. The higher percentage of funds should be focused on the education system of our country. I feel that all the states should incorporate a specific subject specifying the importance of women in this world and the achievements made by them i.e., a book of 100 pages completely about women for classes 6th to 10th,+1 and +2. 3. As all would say, there should be self-defense classes for all the women at school, college and workplace. 4. Like 100, 108, 104 an emergency number for the security of women through which we can trace the location of the woman in need, a special category force (black cops) which works 24*7 round the clock. 5. A hike in the salary for all the policemen engaged in this mission. Rewards and awards for the brave people who help our women in trouble.
Santosh Kumar Balaga
I am not sure if there is an app with which girls can get help by 1. sending an emergency signal/message to the nearest police stations/close friends 2. Share their current location 3. App should also be able track the position of the phone real time(this is possible i guess - for ex: find friends app in iOS) and some other good features. App should be available in Android/iOS/Windows phones.
1. Taking control of the properties belong to rapists may not be a wise decision. Because their families suffer due to the same. Please note, Prahlada and Hiranyakashipu both belong to the same family with different ideologies. 2. We should facilitate the victim/ victim's family such a way that they don't have to apply for any compensation, instead the Governed body should identify the victims and arrange the compensation by approaching the victim/ victim's family at their residence. We shouldn't intimidate them by making them revolve around these Govt. officials for compensation. The guards at the cremation ground are better than some Govt. officials.
Krishna Sajja
1. Women should be provided with a wearable tracking device and a one-button call for help when in need.(device can have a sim card and GPS inside) 2. Separate number and control center(like 100) for quick response in case of incidents. 3. Need to find a way to monitor public buses, autos and taxis. (wireless cameras? microphones? ) 4. Conduct sessions through out India to change people's mindset. People still think they can tell what a woman should do, wear etc. in the name of culture or religion. This needs to be addressed. People who beat girls for going to pubs, parents who beat girls for loving needs to be punished. Women should be given the freedom to choose what to do. Women should be treated as an equal. Teach importance of women to India. 5. Law should be harsh in punishing the rape culprits. This will instill fear.
Need to announce the Mens name and relationship with political or business or Any officials it includes any Government officicals . So people can take a decision to whom we can elect or support when they get a chance. Also What ever the amount penailty or taken control the properties .It must be used for Nirbhaya fund scheme.
Need to announce the Mens name and relationship with political or business or Any officials it includes any Government officicals . So people can take a decision to whom we can elect or support when they get a chance. Also need to handover the passport. Make a fast decision and publish the punishment what ever it is. Also What ever the amount penailty or taken control the properties .It must be used for Nirbhaya fund scheme.
Now a days, smart phones are with everybody and especially with the girls/ladies travel late nights. There should be an app on the phone and before boarding any cab, the lady should check-in on that app. That app should monitor and send the feedback to the call center (lets say protection cell). If there is any abnormality noticed with the app data, protection cell: 1. call the phone and talk to the person 2. if phone is not picked, should alert the police nearby asking them to attend by providing location details The convicted animal should be punished severely so that others should be fearful to do such kind of things.
1)sir first the culprit should be punished as fast as possible 2)And the money collected from the culprit to be used as Good well fund of the lady