One Hyderabad Manifesto

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One Hyderabad (Alliance for Clean Politics) is a pre poll alliance for clean politics led by Loksatta and the Left parties including CPI(M), CPI, Welfare Party of India and the Most Backward-Joint Action Committee, and AAP as a non contesting partner. 

The One Hyderabad Alliance for Clean Politics, is the one and only choice for clean politics. Alliance partners have joined hands with a common agenda to deliver a transparent and corruption free city with exemplary administration and urban infrastructure. Mana Hyderebad is the only choice for voters to realise their dream of a modern, livable and beautiful Hyderabad, with every single other party, TRS, TDP, BJP, Congress, MIM and YCP being antiquated, feudal and corrupt to the bone.

The alliance is committed to a Minimum Common Agenda consisting of:

  1. Power to the People : Local communities, associations, colonies to have the right to decide the facilities that GHMC must provide and what needs repair in their areas. Rs 1000 per capita to be allocated.
  2. Government Services Guarantee: If government agencies do not provide services like registrations, license, birth, land documentation etc. within time, they will pay a penalty of Rs 100 per day of delay to the citizen. Citizen call centre for complaints.
  3. Safest city for women: 10 "Women Only" police stations plus fight for increase in female police personnel deployed in the city. CCTV cameras in sensitive locations and Mobile Local Courts for fast and severe punishment within 6 weeks for crimes against women like chain snatching and harassment (Eve teasing.) 
  4. Beat Traffic & Pollution: Save Hyderabad from becoming another Delhi or Bengaluru by doubling city bus fleet and introducing Integrated Transport Authority with single ticket scheme across modes of transport. Expedite and expand metro. Reduce pollution.
  5. National Highway Quality Roads: Eliminate commission in road contracts, no potholes. Remove encroachments.
  6. Right to Water: Eliminate illegal tankers. Plug leaks in distribution and deliver adequate water to city equitably.
  7. Better Sanitation & Garbage: Eliminate garbage contract corruption, implement  recycling. Increase functioning public toilets in every locality.
  8. Affordable Urban Housing: Low cost urban housing for poorer citizens to live with dignity, regularise long held settlements. Prevent land grabbing. Establish Slum Development Board, integrated and inclusive development of localities across city. 
  9. Green City:  Parks and play grounds to be increased by tough action against encroachments. Tree planting mandatory for building plan approval.
  10. Develop Old City: Preserve and enhance heritage buildings, clear garbage and develop sanitation. Project as tourism hub.

Recent GHMC Donors

Name Amount Date
Polavarapu, Rinosh ₹ 1,000.00 03-02-16
Chikkam, Anil Kumar ₹ 22,222.22 01-02-16
Chilamkurthy, Rajeev ₹ 5,000.00 01-02-16
acharya, sukarna ₹ 500.00 02-02-16
Lsp, U.K. ₹ 16,000.00 01-02-16
Diwan, Kedar ₹ 10,000.00 01-02-16
Tadigadapa, Phaneendra ₹ 5,000.00 31-01-16
Katakam, Ratna Dileep Kumar ₹ 2,000.00 01-02-16