Meenakshi Bharat

Leader Position: 
District President, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Leaders State: 

Dr Meenakshi Bharath is a Gynaecologist and Fertility specialist at Centre for Assisted Reproductive Techniques (CART). She is also green campaigner, an advocate for Clean Bangalore -, a strident voice for garbage segregation and recycling, and a relentless fighter to create visibility for the problems of voiceless people. Her work in Malleshwara Assembly Constituency can be viewed at

Dr Meenakshi worked with “Janaagraha” on a voter list correction drive. She took up the responsibility of being the secretary of Malleswaram Swabhimanaa Initiative ( Malleswaram’s Resident Welfare association). Her core interest is in Solid waste Management, an important initiative with its direct impact on healthy living. She also supported the Saaku Corruption Campaign. She joined the Anna Hazare movement and showed solidarity with his cause and join like-minded citizens.