Mohd. Ghouse Moinuddin, Mahbubnagar

Mohammad Ghouse Moinuddin is the Lok Satta Party candidate for the Mahbubnagar constituency in the Assembly by-elections of March 2012. Mr. Ghouse is a native of Mahbubnagar, and has been chosen by the party because of his sincere concern and work for social welfare, good local knowledge, reputation and support, dynamism in decision-making, and able communication skills. An honest and successful businessman in the field of education, he has focused on programs catering to the socially and economically backward sections. Currently based in Hyderabad for business reasons, he previously contributed to the Mahbubnagar edition of the Eenadu daily newspaper for two years, and gained in-depth knowledge of the local issues. Equally proficient in three languages – Urdu, Telugu, and English, he is able to articulate and connect with all sections of citizens.