Our Differentiators

Loksatta Party is the only Emerging Liberal party in India. We are the only party with a political think tank, the Foundation for Democratic Reform, which serves as an expert resource centre for the study of India's social, political, economic and constitutional policies and offers well researched alternatives unbounded by partisan politics.

Even without power so far, we have mastered the art of applying shear on the system and with changing political awareness especially among the youth, we are all set to better the system even more.  We are able to exert sufficient pressure on the existing government, opposition and key decision makers to drag the pendulum toward the center, force the conversation and accelerate the pace of reforms in the nation. 

This is real politics. This is practical. This drives better outcomes for the country. This advances the country for the better, day by day, everyday, instead of waiting for the messiah to emerge.

How does Loksatta deliver this?

  1. The unique stature of being a political entity that puts nation above party even in the government and opposition's minds. This gets us invited to write the initial versions of bills and amendments like the Anti Rape Legislation with the Justice Verma Committee.
  2. The clout and reputation across the partisan political mainstream as being neutral and sensible. This gets both sides of the house seeking our counsel in parliament, as advisers and arbitrators to chart a path out of the mire in contentious issues like the Lokpal Bill.
  3. Capacity for content & substance derived from the collective intelligence of professions in politics (Lok Satta leaders include IAS officer, bureaucrats, Corporate Executives, technologists, public policy experts, urban governance experts, political scientists, lawyers, economists and bankers etc.) which provides the ability to devise robust policy on behalf of the government. This, while  holding the position of being economically liberal and for social justice, particularly with food, health and education. This gets us ears in the houses, as champions of FDI in retail, against oppressive agricultural pricing while we also lobby to achieve Citizen Charters and Decentralization.
  4. We are courted by all government commissions, committees and decision makers, regardless of the party in power to formulate and forward the right policies for governance, electoral, economic and judicial reform. The authoring of RTI with NAC, Lokpal bill, Anti Defection Law.

"Thou shalt not be a victim. Thou shalt not be a perpetrator. Above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.”  Holocaust Museum, Washington, DC.