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Loksatta's Unique Protest With Zero Rupee Notes Against Cash For Vote Scam in Hyderabad

The Cash-For-Vote scam is yet another sad reminded of the sorry state of politics in the two new states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Not only the political parties are indulging in deplorable actions during elections, they continue the vote buying and divisive brand of politics even after elections.


Dr. JP calls for a national debate on direct election of Chief Minister

Arrest of TDP MLA Revanth, Gujjar Reservation is an indication of crisis in states

The arrest of TDP MLA Mr. Reventh Reddy for attempting the buy the vote for MLC election  and the Gujjar reservations crossing 50%  are just another reflection of the massive corruption in politics and highlight the crises in our states, said Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan founder of Loksatta party in a statement.


Dr.JP Rates First Year Of Modi Government; On AAP Government spat with bureaucracy

In a statement issued to media today, Loksatta party founder, Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan reviewed the performance of first year of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Government.

"The government was elected for five years. It is too early to judge. Real change takes time & perseverance. Modi's one year does give us pointers. The record is mixed. Three areas are crucial: growth agenda; flagship programs and delivery reform.

Modi gets A in economic management. Fiscal and monetary policies, infrastructure, energy sectors - record is impressive given the hurdles.


Implications of the Proposed Section 17A in Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988

  • In 2003, Section 6A was incorporated in the Delhi Special Police Establishment Act, 1946 (DSPE Act, 1946) dealing with CBI. This section mandated prior approval of government before CBI took up investigation of cases of corruption under Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988 (PC Act, 1988) relating to officers of the rank of Joint Secretary and above.

Loksatta Party Sternly Condemns the GoI For Not Criminalizing Marital Rape

Loksatta Party sternly condemns the GoI for not criminalizing marital rape. In the name of Indian culture, the sitting BJP government at the center is blatantly abdicating their responsibility to ensure basic human rights and  constitutionally enshrined fundamental rights of women. Instead the GoI is audaciously citing Indian culture for their rejection of basic governmental duties.


Loksatta party demands to leave NTR ground as play ground and find alternate location for Telangana Kala Bhavan

Loksatta party Hyderabad (GHMC) has been fighting on behalf of thousands of youth and senior citizens, walker associations groups and women’s groups that use NTR grounds on daily basis and requesting the Government to find alternate location in Hyderabad for Telangana Kala Bhavan.


LSP backs net neutrality, rejects move for preferential treatment to ‘partner’ sites

Clearly and openly backing the concept of ‘net neutrality’, the Loksatta Party said on Friday that the role of internet service providers should only be to provide access to data irrespective of the source.
Weighing in on the raging debate sparked by the demand by some telecom giants to be allowed to charge for internet access based on usage, Pallav Pradyumn Narang of the LSP’s Delhi unit said such an approach would impinge upon the freedom of speech and expression of users.


Loksatta Party, with Youth and Women, is going to be the alternative at National level

A new energy, direction and sense of purpose chalked out at the party plenary

“A new and energized Loksatta Party will focus all its energies on enrolling lakhs of new members and emerge as a mass party for youth and women. “ Dr. JP said. Under the chairmanship of national president Mr. Surendra Srivastava the three day national council meet has discussed the action plan, and taken resolutions on organizational strategies to achieve this goal. The conclave was attended by 200 delegates  across 9 states.