What to Expect from Lok Satta

Lok Satta is placing before the people irrevocable and specific pledges to which the party is fully committed. It will be the primary task of Lok Satta government to fulfil these pledges in full measure.

Deep reflection, an unflinching commitment to achieve long term public good, and treatment of citizens as sovereigns are embedded in each of these guarantees. In drafting these pledges, the following standards have been applied:

  • Every citizen will have opportunities for growth without discrimination
  • Politics and governance will be people-centered
  • People are the true sovereigns in a democracy
  • The citizen will be enabled to be self-reliant and independent
  • Fulfillment of the long-term national goals
  • Implementing best practices to achieve maximum output at least cost.
  • Designing of rational, creative and practical policies.

Lok Satta is fully committed to each of these pledges. They constitute the well considered answer to the genuine question from people: "What can we expect from a Lok Satta government?"

We call upon every thinking citizen in the state to enlighten their families and fellow citizens about the new society Lok Satta envisions a society in which there is dignity, opportunity, and justice for all Indians.