Donate to Loksatta Party

Loksatta never buys voters with money or freebies but we do need funds for legitimate purposes like paying staff, printing pamphlets and banners, conducting various events and hosting this website.

Honest politics needs honest money!

Note: Even for offline donations (DD, cheque or wire transfer), please click the above button and fill out the details to get a receipt & certificate for the donation.

You must be an Indian citizen (living in India or abroad) to donate. If you are not an Indian citizen, you may consider donating to People for Loksatta, a registered non-profit organisation working overseas to promote the agenda of the Loksatta Party.

For all the donations to Loksatta Party, you will get tax exemption on the donated amount, under Income Tax Act 1961, u/s 80GGC (individuals) / 80GGB (business).