Dr. JP calls for a national debate on direct election of Chief Minister

Arrest of TDP MLA Revanth, Gujjar Reservation is an indication of crisis in states

The arrest of TDP MLA Mr. Reventh Reddy for attempting the buy the vote for MLC election  and the Gujjar reservations crossing 50%  are just another reflection of the massive corruption in politics and highlight the crises in our states, said Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan founder of Loksatta party in a statement.

"Vote buying is not just about general elections, it happens for Rajyasabha and Legislative Council as well.  The going rate for a single vote for MLC seems to be  Rs 5 Crore, we can easily understand the degree of levels of greed for power and political corruption.

We have 2 new states, but the same old politics continue,  not withstanding the celebrations on June 2 to mark the state formation. Nothing changed.

Other than fiscal policy and key infrastructure and national security, the Central government has no role to play. It is the state governance that needs major reform.  We need state governments that practice politics of truth and have competence and fresh energy to bring development and jobs.

M.L.A candidates are spending  Rs 5-10 Crores, and getting involved in every aspect of governance and giving away sops and dividing people based on caste, region and religion.  Unless we say a big emphatic NO to such politics, we cannot dream of providing quality education , basic infrastructure and healthcare for our citizens.

Dr. JP said he believes that  direct election to Chief Minister is a viable alternative to fix our state governments and  invited a national level debate from concerned citizens.

Monday, June 1, 2015 - 20:07