Loksatta Party expels Mr. DVVS Varma, Mr. Katari Srinivas and Mr. Siva Ramakrishna Karuturi

Loksatta Party has expelled Mr DVVS Varma and Mr Katari Srinivasa Rao, who were earlier suspended from the membership of the Loksatta Party, and Mr Siva Ramakrishna Karuturi for ongoing anti party activities, damage to the reputation and credibility of the party by repeatedly addressing both the electronic & print media on party internal matters, maligning leaders including Dr Jayaprakash Narayan, and for indulging to declare themselves as a separate entity. This is in accordance with Article XXVI of the party constitution.

Loksatta Party National President Mr Surendra Srivastava, National Vice President Dr Ashwin Mahesh and National General Secretary Ms Hyma Potineni hereby intimate the members of the public and press not to honour any statements related to Loksatta Party from the above mentioned individuals as they are no longer associated with Loksatta.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015 - 18:13