Nirbhaya fund was setup by the UPA government with YOUR money, after December 16th 2012 Nirbhaya rape case in Delhi for empowerment, safety and security of women & girl children. The fund is administered by the Finance ministry. The Ministry of Women & Children was supposed to come up with plans & actions

What is the problem? The fund is now Rs. 3000 crores. Yet it is unused while crimes against  women and girls are on the rise.  The government does not have time or interest in making use of this fund even after so much public outrage and pledging women’s safety in election manifestos!

Solution: Loksatta firmly believes that people know best how to use their money. Citizen participation disciplines the government. We are soliciting YOUR IDEAS on how to use the fund. With your help, we will evaluate the best for Dr JP and Team Loksatta to present to the Government of India for action.