Why donate to Loksatta Party?

Politics is about people’s participation in governance. Since political decisions impact our lives, it is important for each one of us to take an active interest in the political system and get involved in shaping it.  Nothing captures the need for such involvement as the extreme clarity in this insight from Mahatma Gandhi, who wrote in his book Satyagraha in South Africa: “The convenience of the powers that be is the law in the final analysis”. So, in order to shape the way we want to be governed, more and more people must take an active interest and get involved in the political process.

Loksatta Party (i.e., people power) offers a platform for all citizens of India to be participants in shaping their own future, rather than being merely helpless spectators whose futures are being mortgaged away at the “convenience of the powers that be.”

The most common question we have, as ordinary citizens, is: “What can I do, I’m only an ordinary person?

There are two things all of us can do: One, donate our time. Two, donate our money.

Donate time

The easiest way to get involved is to become a Loksatta volunteer, or better still become a Loksatta member. Contribute your expertise to strengthen and grow the Party. There are a number of ways you can do this. For example:

  • You can help spread the message of Loksatta Party to others
  • Participate in events organised by the Party
  • Organise events for the Party
  • Recruit new members for the Party
  • Raise funds for the Party
  • Become a local leader for the Party
  • Contribute your technical skills – IT, design, song-writing, movie making, research and analysis, etc.
  • Or if you’re unsure about what you can help with, please call your friendly local Loksatta representative who’d be happy to explore your options for volunteering.

Donate money

Honest politics needs honest money. Loksatta Party realised this a long time ago and has fought to accomplish two monumental things:

  1. Loksatta created a legal way for ordinary citizens to donate money to political parties.
  2. Loksatta made donations to political parties tax-deductible. So, all your monetary donations to Loksatta Party are 100% exempt from income tax under Sec 80GGB and Sec 80GGC of the Income Tax Act.

Loksatta is different from other traditional parties. We raise money in a clean and transparent way in order to pay for various activities of the Party. These activities include office rent, utilities, stationery, advertisements, payment to staff, printing of banners and pamphlets, hosting websites, conducting various events, contesting elections, etc. All of these activities require huge sums of money.

Traditional parties raise money from large corporate houses and wealthy individuals, and most of the money raised is unaccounted, or black, money. This money is then funnelled into elections where candidates spend several crores of rupees even in elections for local bodies. Thus, a handful of companies and individuals buy enormous influence and shape legislation and public policy that are favourable to them. Thereby, fulfilling Mahatma Gandhi’s insight that law is created for the convenience of the few.

So, where does that leave the ordinary citizens, who are often left with the crumbs leftover or are at the mercy of the benevolence of the state? Where is the escape from the drudgery and misery of dealing with an unresponsive system? Why is public convenience ignored or never considered is any government scheme or policy? Why does dealing with the government seem so humiliating and draining of all human dignity?

The answer lies in greater public participation in politics and washing the influence of dirty money with clean and honest money. That is the only way to break the vicious cycle of the influence of black money in our political system.

Ordinary citizens, who have always felt helpless taking on the system, can now change the system with as little as a few rupees. No amount is too small to donate, as the popular saying goes: “little drops of water make a mighty ocean.”

You might ask, “But where do I have the money, I hardly have enough for my own expenses?

Consider these for example:

  1. Can you sacrifice drinking one cup of coffee/tea a day and donate that money, say about `10/day, to Loksatta?
  2. Can you give up smoking one cigarette a day and donate that money, say about Rs. 10/day, to Loksatta?
  3. Can you give up watching one movie a month and donate that money, say about Rs. 500/month, to Loksatta?
  4. Can you give up bursting fire-crackers during festival-time and donate that money, say about Rs. 10,000/year, to Loksatta?
  5. Can you give up eating out at a fancy restaurant once a month and donate that money, say about Rs. 1,000/month, to Loksatta?

Are we ready to make a small sacrifice today in order to make an investment in a bright future? Are we ready to create a system that will eliminate avoidable suffering and unlock our immense but unfulfilled potential?

Give generously to Loksatta Party, it’s a political party you can be associated with great pride!