1000 Small Towns

Large numbers of people are migrating to big cities in search of employment and basic amenities/facilities such as hospitals and quality schools. On an average 5000 people per day migrate to cities in our state, and a large number of them end up in slums. Due to the absence of basic infrastructure in rural areas, villagers are forced to commute to distant cities for even the smallest problems.

In order to address these problems Lok Satta government will develop 1000 small towns, which will result in integration of rural areas with urban economy. Migration to urban areas will be prevented by creating modern facilities, employment opportunities, and good living conditions in the rural areas.

16. Small Towns will be Developed

  • A town within a radius of 10 km of every village will be developed by Lok Satta government with all necessary infrastructure at a cost of Rs. 25 crores.
  • 1000 such small towns will be developed across the state. These towns will be identified and developed based on road connectivity, natural resources, human resources and agricultural produce in neighboring villages.
  • These towns will be endowed with quality educational facilities, health services, clean and safe drinking water supply, drainage, public parks, library, skills training, small industries, and transport facilities, making these small towns economic hubs and magnets for local migration.

17. Urban Amenities in Rural Areas

  • Lok Satta government guarantees access to quality urban amenities and services to all villages.
  • All towns will be connected with neighbouring villages by roads and bus facilities.
  • In the small towns, an E-seva center will act as an inter-face with the government, computer center and skills training centers will be established.
  • Each small town will have a 30 bed-hospital which will become a hub for '108' services.
  • All small towns will have agricultural markets and cold storage facilities.
  • These small towns will become nodal points for agri-clinics in neighboring villages.