Skills and Employment for Youth

More than 10 lakh youth in Andhra Pradesh are unemployed due to lack of skills and/or opportunities. Lok Satta government will guarantee adequate skills and employment for our youth in the private sector. The newfound ability of our youth to contribute to society will be a source of confidence for them. If someone is willing to start their own business, Lok Satta government will provide special training, loans, and required facilities. Every hard working youth will be given an opportunity to stand on his/her feet.

23. Guidance for Youth

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee skills training for youth to prepare them for the changing needs of the market and society.
  • Youth will be given free training in over 200 guidance training centers across the state.
  • Based on the nature of the course, training will be provided free for 3 to 12 months.
  • Monthly stipend of Rs.1500 will be paid to trainees.
  • The design and implementation of courses will be done in collaboration with industries and banks.

24. Provisions for Employment

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee every skilled youth an opportunity.
  • For employment of every trained youth, Lok Satta government will arrange placements across the globe.
  • Lok Satta government, as a duty, will provide fundamental facilities to whoever is willing to take up their own business or profession.

25. Employment Opportunities in Government

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee additional 1,50,000 jobs in education, health, crime investigation, justice, and basic service delivery.
  • The distribution of power supply will be decentralized, and as a result, 60,000 people will be provided jobs locally in administration of power supply.
  • Additional employment will be given to the youth in the services offered by public-private partnerships.
  • District governments will be formed, and additional employees will be deployed to administer these district governments.

26. Development Brigade

  • A Development Brigade will be established to provide youth with opportunities to voluntarily participate in services designed for national development.
  • Lok Satta government will guarantee that 1,00,000 youth will be selected every year for the Development Brigade. These youth will be trained in the various sectors which are required to fulfill local needs. These youth will be paid a Rs. 3000 per month incentive for their 2 years of service to the country.
  • Lok Satta government will implement a policy to ensure that at any given point in time, 2,00,000 youth will be working for the Development Brigade.
  • Local governments will utilize services of these youth in education, healthcare, agriculture, and the war against corruption and alcoholism.