Rigorous Liquor Control

Over 75 lakh families are experiencing the pernicious impact of liquor consumption in the state. Government policies are encouraging many to become alcoholics, which is generating severe financial stress in many families. Increased consumption of alcohol is resulting in deterioration of health standards and early mortality. Tragically, children are paying a heavy price as they are left to fend for themselves. To address this sad state of affairs, Lok Satta government will implement strict measures to control liquor consumption immediately.

35. Ban on Private Liquor Shops

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee the banning of all liquor sales through private outlets, and auctioning of liquor licenses.
  • Sale of liquor will not be treated as a source of revenue by the government.
  • Instead of existing 6,800 liquor outlet, not more than 1000 licensed liquor outlets will be permitted in the state.

36. Removing Belt-Shops

  • Lok Satta Government guarantees complete ban on sale of liquor in villages and in low-income localities.
  • Complete ban on belt-shops, which are having harmful impact on the lives of the poor.
  • Lok Satta government will eliminate the menace of illicit and country liquor.
  • A de-addiction unit will be established in every Mandal to treat alcoholics.

37. Ban on Public Liquor Consumption

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee the prohibition of public consumption of liquor.
  • Both public consumption of liquor and appearing in public in an inebriated condition will be deemed as a crimes.
  • Public consumption of liquor will be permitted only in select hotels and tourist places. Consumption in sitting-rooms will be prohibited. Liquor will not be available on any highways.
  • Stringent punishment for committing crimes or causing accidents in an inebriated condition.

38. Powers to Panchayat

  • Lok Satta government guarantees full powers to Panchayats to search, to confiscate, and to produce suspected offenders in court in cases pertaining to illicit and country liquor.
  • Panchayats and local women's group will be empowered to take tough action against illicit liquor consumption.
  • Stringent action will be taken against any Panchayat, up to dissolution, which fails to prevent the sale of illicit liquor and/or close down belt-shops.