Right to Vote

The Right to Vote is the foundation of a democracy. The fates of governments and the collective fate of citizens is decided by the voters. However, serious flaws in the voter rolls have a capacity to fundamentally alter the people's mandate. These flaws are facilitating serious voting frauds, such as large scale voter impersonation, and denying legitimate voters the right to vote.

Lok Satta Movement has been fighting ceaselessly for a decade to reform the voter registration process. Now, Lok Satta government will guarantee all the necessary support to the Election Commission of India and the Union Government to ensure error-free voter rolls.

49. Correction of Voter Rolls

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee that every eligible person in the state becomes a registered voter.
  • Citizens can access their voter's lists at the nearest post offices throughout the year.
  • Voter registration will be done in an easy, accessible, simple and transparent manner at the local post offices through out the year.
  • Special measures will be taken to remove ineligible and fake voter names from the voter rolls.
  • Latest computer and internet-based technologies will be employed for effective revision of voter rolls.