About 70 per cent of population still depends on Agriculture. Farmers are struggling against insurmountable odds such as insufficient extension networks, dilapidated rural infrastructure, lack of timely credit, inappropriate trade and marketing policies, low capital formation, poor technology, and low value addition. Over 70 percent of farmers are not able to access bank credit and latest technological innovations. Exploitation of farmers at markets and by middle men has become regular phenomenon. Lok Satta Government will address this sorry state of affairs and will transform agriculture sector into a profitable industry.

30. Quality Power Supply to Farmers

  • Agricultural transformers will be separated, and power with stable voltage and will be guaranteed; farmers will be compensated by the Lok Satta Government for motors burnt on account of voltage fluctuations.
  • Villages will be guaranteed 24-hour power supply through decentralized distribution.
  • Additional funds will be granted to enhance the quality of power distribution.

31. Agri-Clinics - Prosperity to Farmers ('Rytusiri')

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee the establishment of 'Rytusiri' Agri-Clinics.
  • Farmers can access various services at the Agri-Clinics such as:
    • Quality seeds, pesticides, agricultural instruments at affordable prices.
    • Provision to sell all agricultural produce at profitable price.
    • Farmers can access the Agri-Clinic round the clock for advice and services.
    • Latest market information.
    • Free Soil Testing.
    • Free veterinary services.
  • One fully computerized Agri-Clinic will be established for every 3,000 acres.
  • All agricultural equipment and implements will be made fully tax-exempt. Farmers can purchase all agricultural equipment at factory prices.
  • Agri-Clinics will facilitate collective selling of farmers' produce to retail chains and super markets at profitable rates.

32. 'Akshaya' - Credit to Farmers and Tenants

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee Akshaya Cards to all farmers for accessing credit depending on his/her land holdings and other properties. Depending on family and agricultural requirements credit will be extended on over-draft basis.
  • Every Farmer will have an account in cooperative and commercial banks.
  • All farmers will get direct access to loans, and usurious lending practices will be prohibited.
  • Special arrangement for farmers to access credit.

33. Farmer Controlled Market Yards ('Rythe Raju')

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee the democratization of market committees. Elected Farmer's Committee will manage market yards. Lok Satta Government guarantees corruption-free market yards.
  • Facilities to ensure direct selling at the Market Yards. Integration with retail chains, information on global markets and opportunities to export will be provided at the market yards.
  • Market Yards will have storage facilities and pledge loans will be guaranteed on stored produce.
  • Cold storage units and radiation units for various agricultural produce, specifically for perishable items such as fruits and vegetables.
  • Quality seeds, pesticides, and agricultural equipment will also be sold at the Market Yards. Depending on the market, Seed-Centers will be established.
  • Modern abattoirs and other facilities will be established for production and export of meat.

34. Agro-Industries to Guarantee Crop Prices

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee the establishment of agro-industries that will ensure minimum support prices for fruits and vegetables.
  • Provisions to sell at minimum support prices even if prices plummet in the market.
  • Agro-Industries that enhance the value of crop will be established.
  • A state federation of agro-based industries to sell their produce will be established. Government will provide a subsidy to this federation if necessary.
  • Training to children of farmers and employment in agro-industries.