How can the party Survive?

Violence, rigging, booth capturing, and use of force have become common place in politics. How is the party going to survive in such a political atmosphere?

Manipulation of election results through booth capturing and use of  force used to be rampant at one time. But it has subsided to some extent due to the strict oversight of the Election Commission in recent years. Also people have grown more aware and now have greater understanding of the polling process thanks to the media. Also rigging has become difficult as it is not possible for a person to vote now without having some kind of an identity card. We need to take this process forward.

Lok Satta has long come up with solutions to substantially improve the integrity of the voter's  list. For example, the post office, which is within the reach of the common man, has been made the nodal point for preparing the voters list. Appeal against discrepancies lie at the next level. The implementation of this is fairly recent, starting in 2005.