Abolishing Caste

Discrimination by birth is still prevalent in our society and is a powerful source of inequality and internal strife. The current political culture exploits this by dividing our people further for narrow political gains with temporary and short-sighted solutions. Discrimination by birth is uncivilised, undemocratic and violates basic human rights. Lok Satta will start a reform movement to remove discrimination by birth and to build a unified society

45. Abolishing Caste within One Generation

  • Lok Satta government will guarantee equal opportunities for growth to all, irrespective of caste, religion, gender, and financial status.
  • Lok Satta government will work tirelessly to abolish caste within one generation.
  • School, College and University educational records will not refer to the caste of the individual, except in the case of beneficiaries from schemes pertaining to SC, ST and BC.
  • Lok Satta Government will ensure that students from all castes live together in hostels. All government constructions will ensure that people belonging to different castes stay together.
  • Abolition of caste will figure prominently in school education and necessary changes will be made to the curriculum. This will pave the way for emergence of a non-discriminatory society.
  • Irrespective of caste and religion, all children and youth from poor families will be given 10% bonus marks at the time of entrance examinations, higher education and employment. This will ensure an equal playing field for the disadvantaged to compete with children from richer sections of the society.
  • Special incentives for inter-caste married couples and their children.
  • Lok Satta Government will create an asset for the poor from the discriminated sections.
  • Modernization of various professions to enhance incomes, and ensure respect and opportunities for all who practice them.
  • Special efforts will be taken by Lok Satta Party for the political empowerment of discriminated castes and sections.