Stance on Irrigation Projects in Telangana

What is the stance of Lok Satta on the irrigation projects in Telangana?

We have to rightly utilize every single drop of rain as farmers in India largely depend on the monsoons for irrigation. In addition, we need to thoroughly map the productivity of the soil and plan watershed schemes. We have to concentrate these schemes in those areas where there are water resources in plenty but are lying unused. If there is excess water there, we can then send it to upper riparian areas.

We are mainly utilizing the waters of the Krishna. We need to harness Godavari too. We need to build a project on Godavari near Icchampalli.

We need to subsidize widely for alternative irrigation methods like drip irrigation. Also we can build industrial colonies to utilize the flood water from the Musi and near the Krishna between Mahaboobnagar and Kurnool.

We can use our water resources not only for irrigation but also for industrial development. We are losing heavily due to the neglect of the politicians as they seem to be more interested in bagging construction contracts to their kin than in helping the people at large.