How can it win Elections?

How is the party going to win elections when it seems impossible to win without money and muscle? How do you plan to collect the required funds?

It is true that political parties need funds to make their ideas reach the masses, to create awareness about party activities and seek people's cooperation, and for other such activities. However, the majority of present days? electoral expenditure is only to spend for unlawful activities like buying votes in elections, employing muscle power etc. The two should not be confused.

Due to the advocacy efforts of Lok Satta, basic changes have been made to the laws that regulate the collection of funds by political parties. Now political parties can receive funds openly from individuals and institutions and there is even income tax exemption for such donations. As a result, collecting election funds from the people within the guidelines of law is not difficult.

Unlawful expenditure in elections is a serious problem. However, the voters are forced to sell their vote for short-term gains while their long-term future is at stake. We have to wean away people from this habit. They have to be made aware that they can change their own lives using the power of vote and that there is a direct relation between their vote and the quality of life they get. Also 20 to 25% of the educated citizens have become alienated from the political and electoral processes. We have to make them participate in the electoral process. We have to mobilize the masses for this second struggle for freedom.