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Loksatta State Working Committee

Vice Presidents

  1. Beesetti A Babji
  2. J.Rama Murthy
  3. T.R.Jagannatha Reddy
  4. Jaganmohan Raju
  5. P.Kodanda Rama Rao
  6. B.Krishna Reddy
  7. N.Manorama
  8. Akurathi Murali Krishna
  9. K.V.N.Prasad
  10. G.Pratibha Rao
  11. Y.D.Rama Rao
  12. Jupalli Satyanarayana
  13. D.V.V.S.Varma

General Secreatries

  1. K.Dharma Reddy
  2. R.Jhansi Lakshmi
  3. V.Lakshman Balaji
  4. G.Malyadri
  5. G.Raja Reddy
  6. Katari Srinivasa Rao


  1. P.Bhaskara Rao
  2. K.Geetha Murthy
  3. K.Krishna Swamy
  4. A.Maharani
  5. U.Narendar
  6. Omkar
  7. G.Rama Raju
  8. Enugu Ramarao
  9. P.Ravi Maruth
  10. Sankaraiah
  11. B.Siva Kumar
  12. Sayyad
  13. K.G.Venkatesh
  14. Dommata Venkatesh
  15. Vijay Singh
  16. Vijayendar Reddy
  17. D.Vishnu Murthy

Joint Secretaries

  1. Aman Khan
  2. Chennayya
  3. N.Jayaprakash Narayan
  4. Kavya
  5. M.D.Gafoor
  6. Partha Sarathi
  7. Raja Reddy
  8. Y.Rama Devi
  9. Sambasiva Rao Chaudhary
  10. Sankaramma
  11. N.Sridhar
  12. Vajeer

Council Advisors

  1. D.Anand Reddy
  2. Thammareddy Bharadwaj
  3. Chandramouli
  4. Devendranath Pande
  5. Garimella Narayana
  6. C.Narasimha Rao
  7. Ankem Prabhakararao
  8. T.P.N.Prasad
  9. Bodepudi Satyanarayana
  10. Upendra Varma
  11. Aluri Vijaya Lakshmi
Tuesday, February 10, 2009 - 19:44

Contact information of Lok Satta Karnataka Office bearers

The silent majority of people who are fed up with the present day political culture and yearning for change will have a platform of their own with the formal launching of the Karnataka unit of the Lok Satta Party on Thursday, February 5.

Traditional political parties and politicians have turned the once noble profession of politics into a privately or family-owned lucrative business. Acquiring power at any cost has become the single point program of most politicians as it facilitates personal enrichment at public cost. Therefore, they use money, liquor and muscle power to induce or threaten voters. They fan feelings of hatred and spark violence in the name of caste or religion, region or language in a bid to gain political mileage. Their investment in elections yields them fantastic returns once they come to power which opens up innumerable avenues for making money.

Overtaken by despair and despondency over their inability to change the corrupt and rotten political culture, large sections of people have developed revulsion for politics altogether and started treating it as untouchable. They do not even go to the polling booth, leave alone contesting elections because in election after election they have seen only a change in players but not in the rules of the game.

But by keeping away from politics, these sections are silently but unwittingly perpetuating the old order to continue. They forget that politics and elections are about the lives of citizens and not about the careers and fortunes of politicians and parties.

It is to provide an ethical and political platform with a clear-headed, honest and practical agenda to such people the Lok Satta Party came into existence on October 2, 2006 under the leadership of Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan.

Dr. JP, as he is popularly known quit the IAS to found Lok Satta, a civil society movement, and helped bring about radical reforms in a number of areas ranging from voter registration to political parties’ funding, disclosure of contestants’ criminal background to the enshrine of the right to information. Yet, the realization that real change in society comes through political action, and not through civil society action, made Dr. JP launch the Lok Satta Party.
In its short existence of a little over two years, the Lok Satta Party has repeatedly demonstrated it is a class apart from the traditional parties.

Karnataka State Coordinator: Dr. Keshava Kumar
1/1 1st Floor,
6th Cross,
Cheluvaiah Layout,
Ramamurthy Nagar,
Bengaluru - 560016
Mobile No: 98441 23536
Email address: drkeshavakumar [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

Karnataka State Secretary: Mr. Ashok Kamat
601, 3rd D Cross,
2nd Block,
Bengaluru - 560043
Mobile No: 99642 31891
Email address: ashokkamat [AT] hotmail [DOT] com

Karnataka State Treasurer: Mr. Shashidhar Alabur
196, 1st Main,
3rd Stage, 4th Block,
Basaveshvar Nagar,
Bengaluru - 560079
Mobile No: 98440 04439
Email address: shashialabur [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 - 19:31

Congress & BJP letting down country: Lok Satta

The Lok Satta Party today faulted both the Congress and the BJP for not attempting to insulate the country from the global economic recession by utilizing its abundant human resources.

Commenting on the New Delhi and Nagpur election conclaves of the Congress and the BJP, party General Secretary Katari Srinivasa Rao and Secretary Ravi Maruth pointed out that both parties’ single-point agenda seemed to be getting into power at any cost. While the Congress focused its attention on perpetuating subsidies and dynastic rule, the BJP revived the ‘Ram mantra’ to reap electoral advantage.

The Lok Satta said that the BJP had not learnt any lessons from the setback it suffered in the December 2009 elections to five State Assemblies, despite its attempt to exploit religion and extremism. It was unbecoming for a national party like the BJP to embrace a divisive agenda for short-term political gain. The Congress, which had invited even district and samithi-level party leaders to its Delhi conclave, did not unveil any new initiatives. APCC President D. Srinivas let the cat out of the bag when he rhetorically asked, “What is wrong in issuing party ticket to children of leaders to contest elections?”

Mr. Srinivasa Rao and Mr. Ravi Maruth pointed out that the growing corruption, communal hatred and the collapse of the rural economy could be attributed to the failed UPA and NDA Government policies. “The future of 50,000 of the 60,000 children born in India every day is decided the moment they are born, based on the family or caste in which they are born. It is a matter of shame for the civil society and the political system in the 21st century. The national parties should strive to provide quality education, health care and employment skills to every one without any discrimination, and promote the one India-one people concept”.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 - 19:27